Carp beach

Hi. In addition to being a bon vivant, an arts fan and a fun guy to hang out with, I’ve worked as a writer, a reporter, an editor and a researcher. You may have run across articles and essays of mine in Newsweek, Film Comment, Wired, The New York Times, Salon, Opera News and Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed (one of my nicer publishing experiences, btw). You may also have bumped into 2Blowhards, a cultureblog where I wrote under the name “Michael Blowhard.” I sometimes get up to a little creative mischief too; see also here and here.

At the moment this site is very much A Thing In Process. Bit by bit I’m gathering together a selection of my writing. Long term projects, eh? For the moment, though, if you’re curious to check out my thoughts and words, the majority of them are currently stashed over here.

I’m married to the writer/performance artist Polly Frost. Check out some wonderful creations of Polly’s that you can buy.

After years of contending with the high-stress, high-pressure NYC arts-and-media scenes, Polly and I are now enjoying a laidback, lowkey life in a sweet California beach town.

Thanks for stopping by.