“Sex Scenes”

“Sex Scenes” is a sexy, raunchy audiobook that Polly and I created. It’s a satirical extravaganza about today’s moviemaking scene, and it features zillions of storylines and dozens of talented and hot performers. It’s like an X-rated HBO series, only for your ears.

Buy “Sex Scenes”. The stories run in order, from one to 17 ,and they interweave in a variety of hilarious and (dare I say) virtuosic ways. If you want to sample a single episode before committing to the entire production, why not start with “Detention”? For 99 cents, you can hardly go wrong.
The young critic Ron Salvatore has written a wonderfully enthusiastic and brilliantly insightful appreciation of “Sex Scenes.” Read it here.
Be sure to visit the website we created specifically for “Sex Scenes,” where you can enjoy visuals about the making of the project as well as information about the fab performers and techies we worked with. We’re proud of the design of the site, by the way. Dig that cool, neo-’70s, Emmanuelle’s-in-charge look.