“The Fold”

Back in the early days of YouTube, when online video was the new Wild West, Polly and I and Matt Lambert — a very gifted young film-director friend — thought it’d be fun to use digital tools and the online world as a way to make and distribute our very own no-budget, midnight-movie-style blowout.

We wrote a nutty script … We brought in a lot of great downtown performers (many of whom had taken part in “Sex Scenes“) … We begged our way into using equipment and locations for free … And the result was “The Fold,” which it still pleases us to describe as “the ‘Three Stooges’ meets ‘Barbarella’.”

Full of fantasy, wild jokes and exuberant outrageousness, it’s got more in common with John Waters’ movies than it does with what people generally now think of as the typical webseries or videoblog. Bless his heart, the first-class movie critic David Chute understood and enjoyed what we’d got up to and compared “The Fold” to early Almódovar. In other words: a lot of R-rated, near-camp zaniness.

Here are some snaps I took during the filming of our scrappy underground masterpiece.