About Other Media

I’ve written some essays and thought pieces about nontraditional media. Please have a read or two.

  • In the late 1980s, a new kind of pornography was emerging. Yes, even in the pre-web days real people managed to produce and share porn with each other.
  • On the occasion of a revival of “Nixon in China,” Opera News asked me to do a survey of how Richard Nixon has been perceived over the decades.
  • I love the journalistic form known as the reporter or critic’s diary. I managed to persuade an editor to let me keep and publish one for a few issues. I — golly, shucks, blush — think it’s some of my brightest and most relaxed writing:
  • Cannibal Culture 1
  • Cannibal Culture 2
  • Cannibal Culture 3
  • In the early 1990s, I got an early look at video on demand.
  • The composer Morton Subotnick has not only created a lot of beautiful music, he’s also been one of the most shrewd and enthusiastic of artists where the new-digital-media world goes.
  • Before the web, there were CD-ROMs. I took a look at a number of them and liked one by Robert Winter in particular.
  • Polly and I gabbed about “Voyeur,” an early erotic-suspense multimedia game.